Dimex's uPVC Profile having the BESt Grade Quality

uPVC Technical Specifications

The Superiority points of Dimex Edelweiss Profile Series –

  • They are of Lead Free Formulation.
  • They are of 2.5mm. wall thickness.
  • They are lighter in weight per running meter which makes the square foot rate highly competitive.
  • They carry 10 years Dimex Own warranty against Discoloration* & against Brittleness*
  • These economic & lightweight advantages make Dimex Edelweiss windows most competitive in Indian Markets.
  • They are much richer (white semi-glossy colour) looking than all other Brands available in the Indian market.
  •  They are especially launched for Big Projects, where the Quality & prices can be assured.
  • They are a complete system to make all kind of project - fixed, sliding and open-able windows & doors.
  • In this system we have separate window & door profiles as compared to other brand profiles. who use the same window profiles for doors.
  • Being A German Brand Popular in Indian Markets for over 8 years, They provide more security to the end customer, and are more reliable for the Window makers.

uPVC Profile

With its High UV resistant formulation consisting 8 parts of Titanium Dioxide.

Tech. Spcifications

The profiles which contain more than 15% Caco3 /Chalk.

Sophisticated Designs

Tilt & slide, Fold & slide doors, Lift & Slide doors - The UPVC Partitions

in Various Colours

windows are available, In White, in Coated Ral colors, in Co-extruded colors & Laminated in wooden shades

Eco Friendly

well formulated, are energy saving, termite proof & water proof and their life is 60 -70 years

The Types

Fixed Windows- The Sliding Windows- The Sliding Doors –The Casement Windows –The Casement Door.

Distiguished Quality

2.5 mm. wall thickness, 8000 Hrs. Xenon Tested, 8 parts of Titanium dioxide

Distinguished Brand

DIMEX stand for SUPERIOR QUALITY, 8000 Hrs. Xenon Test - It is a light test to control UV effect.