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How is Dimex different from its competitors?

Dimex is the only profile available in the market which has a unique profile formulation mix best suited for Indian weather and use conditions. We use 7 parts of Titanium Dioxide and only 15-16 % of calcium carbonate, quality stabilizers, impact modifiers in optimum quantity making the profile durable, discolouration stable and sagging resistant. Other profiles use higher content of calcium carbonate compromising the longevity of the profile but reducing the cost. This can cause the product to sag and crack, open the joints, profile to decolorize thus requiring you to eventually go for complete product replacement

Is Dimex cheaper or more expensive?

Pricing is dependent on many factors such as the area you cover, the hardware you select, the type of glass you choose, the finish you decide on and finally the complexity or simplicity of the design itself. Once all these factors are taken into account, your Dimex product turns out to be as competitive as any other product in the market. Added to this, the outer wall thickness of Dimex profiles is 2.3 mm and is designed by high-end German technology requiring minimum possible reinforcement to sustain heavy wind pressures thereby making the overall product economical. At Dimex, we stand sure of our legacy and have product confidence, therefore, our pricing is kept transparent while we discuss the various specifications with you at the sales stage. Ask us any question, and we will respond till you are satisfied. Therefore, when comparing prices, make sure you are comparing the technical satisfaction you are seeking, authenticity of service experience you are getting at the sales stage and the right product details that make up the total price before you choose the brand you want to go with.

How is the delivery timeline?

To be honest, 9 out of 10 times we deliver on time. But because these are customized products and handled by people, human dynamics can result in delays. But then, we have been in business longer than many players who have come and gone in the last decade and we have continued to stay. Nevertheless, we work together with our clients to keep them informed in case of delays and in the end we all walk out happy. Look at our projects portfolio J

How many colours are available?
  • White
    • The all-time classic               
  • Dark Oak Laminate by Renolit
    • Get a sliding door to walk through into your lush gardens
  • Golden Oak Laminate by Renolitâ
    • It’s simply wood without being wood
  • Walnut Laminate by Renolit
    • Go for a warm vintage look
  • Mahogany Laminate by Renolit
    • Open into a library or a dining room
  • Anthracite Grey
    • We love this one, we did a clinic and an office
  • Black
    • Looks really posh! for a luxury store, a restaurant, a studio!